Colo-Majic Web Redesign

Colo-Majic web redesign home page Colo-Majic web redesign home page Colo-Majic web redesign shop page Colo-Majic web redesign product page Colo-Majic web redesign nurse page

Click to view the desktop prototype and the mobile prototype.

The final website is also live. 


This project is a redesign of Colo-Majic current website. The goal is to bring more people to the site and increase the sale of their biodegradable Ostomy liner. I worked on halfway through the project, so I only did the design part.


Since the wireframe is set, my job is just to turn the wireframe into a well-designed mockup. The idea of my design is to stay to the Colo-Majic while being simple and sale focused.  I first designed two versions of the home page for the client to choose from.

The client chose the second version, the whiter one. So from here, I designed all the inner page and mobile followed by the same style. You can view the desktop prototype and the mobile prototype.